Tahapan dalam Menggunaakan Jasa Pembuatan Website

This article will explain step by step someone who wants to buy web application development services.

In general, web application development services can be purchased in different ways. Each service provider has a different way of selling their services. This article is just a general overview so that someone understands how it goes.

Choosing a Service Provider

The first step is to choose a service provider. This can be done by involving a consultant or an internal team who understands the world of websites.

Contact Service Provider

After you are sure to choose a service provider, the next step is to contact him. Tell them what kind of website they want and ask for a demo of a similar application if they have one.

Don’t forget to ask for the system design, work timeline, and estimated web development costs as needed.

Sign the contract

Make a written contract that contains the system design, costs, processing time, and other agreements. This is useful if there is one party who feels aggrieved can be used as evidence.

Project Work Stage

If you can, keep in touch while the web development project is being worked on. Request a demo if the agreed milestone has been reached

Contract Completion

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