Laravel: Changing Date Format To Timestamp

Laravel date format

Creating a website using the Laravel framework is very helpful with the extensions that have been provided. One very helpful extension is Carbon which can be used to manipulate the date and time. Converting a date format to a timestamp using Carbon is very easy to do. Let’s say we …


Difference between Domain and Hosting

Domain and hosting are an inseparable unit in making a website. Both have different functions and tasks. However, not everyone knows what a domain is and what hosting is. Misinformation like that can sometimes be an obstacle when a web developer explains technical things about the website creation process. This …


Getting Backlinks from Medium, Is It Possible?

A backlink is a link made from one website to another. Backlinks are usually also referred to using other terms, namely “inbound links” or “incoming links”. For example, suppose that an article on Medium contains a link to the website. Active links that can be clicked are called backlinks. …


5 Reasons Why GeneratePress Is Perfect For Bloggers

GeneratePress is a free theme for a self-hosted wordpress blog or website. This theme was developed by Tom since 8 years ago. GeneratePress has been downloaded more than 4 million times at the time this was written. Some of the reasons written in this article are sourced from personal experience. …


Stages in Purchasing Web Application Development Services

Website Development Services

This article will explain step by step someone who wants to buy web application development services. In general, web application development services can be purchased in different ways. Each service provider has a different way of selling their services. This article is just a general overview so that someone understands …



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